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The gig economy is described as forms of contingent work arrangements that require digital platforms, like Uber, MrDelivery, and Zando just to name a few. These types of digital workspaces represent an evolution in contingent work. The gig economy has given many full-time workers with scarce skills something more than just job insecurity.  Before you change lanes, here are more reasons, and what you need to know.


The gig work consists of activities that generate income outside of the 8-hour traditional, long term employment contract. The gig economy thrives on independent work that is done on developed apps or other digital platforms.

What work does it include?

  • Driving an Uber
  • Being a MrD driver
  • Freelance web-developer
  • Freelance copy editor
  • AI development
  • Robotics
  • Block brain Architecture


Alternative career – In the unstable and insecure economic times it is always safer to have a side “gig” alternative career that will sustain you financially should the unthinkable happen. Many professionals are opting to switch their hobbies to full-time sources of income. In the United States of America MBO Partners has stated that 3.3 million independent workers have made over six figures, working independently.

Flexibility- The gig economy offers flexible working hours and mobile office, as well as your rates. The advancing technology allows you to login and connect with clients from anywhere at any given time.

Businesses are now opting to outsource knowledge providers as a inexpensive alternative to full-time employees. This means that as a gig worker the gig economy allows you to render your knowledge services to more than one company.

Are You ready?

If you have the knowledge and you know that being part of the gig economy is what you need to enhance your career, you need to look both ways before you cross. To ensure that you are equipped for the new gig generation, one must improve their skills and knowledge. The better your skill and knowledge the greater your chance of success, include digital skills and knowledge for sustainability.

Like any other career path choosing to take part in the gig economy or choosing to become as contractor can bring some instability, but the truth is that the workforce and work environment is changing and so should you.