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In our perspective, the benefits of outsourcing your payroll to a trusted service provider, comes down to four main elements:

1. Reducing costs;

2. Reducing risks;

3. Access to the latest technology and

4. Increasing the productivity of your business. 

There’s no need to appoint payroll specialists or incur training costs on your current staff. There’s no need to purchase highly expensive payroll software or incur the annual license fees related to the software.

Very importantly, it eliminates the cost of errors in your payroll. Outsourcing introduces a natural separation of duties between processing, approval and payment of salaries and wages. Confidentiality of salaries is maintained, especially for those in top management. Payroll data is secured in the cloud, and backed up daily, monthly and weekly.

Payroll outsourcing ensures continuation of the payroll function within your business. You do not need to worry about people going on leave or retiring from your business.

Ultimately, it ensures that your staff focus on your core business, solving for your clients, and increasing your bottom line.