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Managed Services

Rosstone’s comprehensive workforce management solution is the ideal alternative to labour broking. With us, you are assured of compliance when it comes to adherence to the South African labour and tax laws. Our end-to-end solution manages contracting professionals from sourcing through correct contracting, accurate payroll and risk-free exiting phases, ensuring full compliance and mitigation of labour risk.

For both client company and resources (contracting professionals), our end-to-end solution covers:

Resourcing / Increased Opportunities

Clients benefit from access to scarce skilled professionals through our extensive database. Resources enjoy increased employment opportunities through Rosstone’s partnership with top tier companies.

Compliant Onboarding

Clients can be assured that your temporary resources are correctly contracted and classified as employee, freelancer, consultant or independent contractor.

Specialised Payrolls

Paying non-permanent staff correctly and according to current regulations is a specialist function. Benefit from the convenience of allowing us to manage your payrolls according to in-country labour law and taxation requirements. Resources can be assured of accurate, on time payrolls.

Cost Savings

Through allowing Rosstone to act as the employer of record, clients are enabled to convert payroll spend to procurement spend while improving your EE and BBBEE accreditation.

Claims Management

The difference between fully compliant and non-compliant tax deduction is knowing what may be legitimately deducted as expenses and allowances. This requires specialist knowledge and systems. These claims are submitted, approved and processed electronically through our in-house system.

Compliant Dispute Management

Management of employee disputes and misconduct in the realm of temporary resources is a minefield if the appropriate procedures are not adopted. Entrust your industrial relations challenges to us and improve the management of workplace disputes and improve productivity.

Compliant Offboarding

Experience shows that most labour disputes and expensive litigation result from incorrect termination of temporary employment contracts. Benefit from our robust off- boarding and fully compliant exiting processes.

Centralised / Itemised Billing

One monthly payment – Clients enjoy hassle-free and efficient centralised billing arrangements.

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